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Jar of Wishes | #AtoZChallenge

Hi All, Thought to take a shift from my earlier posts, and so came up with the following poem with the letter J. Titled: Jar of Wishes It is a new beginning for all of us, Here I'm sending you A jar of wishes. Jar full of dreams that you can weave slowly and steadily weave… Continue reading Jar of Wishes | #AtoZChallenge

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Imitate | #AtoZChallenge

Hi All, This post will be a little different from others. Hence the chosen word with letter I is 'imitate.'  We all have this uncanny habit of imitating others. Be it mocking them for their way of talking, walking or speaking, or be it imitating in a good way that basically inspires us to do… Continue reading Imitate | #AtoZChallenge

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Gratitude | #AtoZChallenge

Hi All, The seventh post in the #AtoZChallenge will not talk about anything. Rather, I would convey my gratitude. By now, you must have figured out what the word is. Yes, it is G for 'gratitude.' And, no this time I didn't want to tell you a story or ask you for anything. I thought of telling… Continue reading Gratitude | #AtoZChallenge

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Friendship | #AtoZChallenge

Hi All, Looks like the two back-to-back offs on Friday, Saturday got to me pretty too soon. Sigh, I should've written it on Sunday. But, who cares? If Mondays be like writing three posts back to back? So, don't be bored, if you get back to back updates in one day from me 🙂 So, for the letter 'F',… Continue reading Friendship | #AtoZChallenge

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Door | #AtoZChallenge

Hi All, There were several words that popped up in my head when I was looking for words to write my fourth post in the #AtoZChallenge. Death, depression, derangement, denial and more. All somehow conveying an emotion that had an underlying negative emotion attached to it. That's when out of the blue, the word 'door'… Continue reading Door | #AtoZChallenge